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  • Simplified Store Setup: Easily configure your store using our user-friendly platform, no technical expertise required.
  • Easy Storefront Design: Design your store effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Diverse Theme Selection: Elevate your store's appearance with a variety of stunning themes to choose from.
  • Full Customization: Get absolute control to craft your online store precisely as you envision, aligning it perfectly with your brand.

Your Business Engine Room

Stay organized, enhance your operations.

  • Inventory Management: Keep stock in check with real-time tracking, bulk import/export, and automated alerts.
  • Order Processing: Streamlined fulfillment, returns, customized checkout, secure payments, order tracking, and shipping integration.
  • Access Control: Secure your data with role-based access control, permissions management, and user authentication.
  • Manage SEO: elevate your store's visibility and attract a larger audience with our built-in tools

Payment Processing

Let them pay their way!

  • Enhance conversions with diverse payment choices. The more options you offer, the more conversions you'll attract.
  • Easily connect to reliable payment gateways and utilize split payment services
  • Employing encryption, fraud detection, and industry-standard compliance for safe and secure transactions.

Logistics Integration

Diverse network of logistics partners.

  • One-Click Integration: connect your store to leading shipping and logistics providers with one-click.
  • Customize shipping regions and rules.
  • Total Oversight: Total Oversight: Manage your logistics with ease using our control dashboard.

Marketing Tools

Built-in marketing tools, your toolkit for success

  • Design and send targeted email campaigns for customer engagement, product promotions, and cart recovery.
  • Boost sales and customer loyalty with compelling loyalty program rewards, all managed within your platform.
  • Create and manage gift cards, discounts, and coupons to boost sales

Dashboard & Analytics

Real-Time insights

  • View dozens of critical metrics covering every angle of your business, giving you a holistic view.
  • Access powerful analytics tools to monitor website traffic , user behavior, and sales patterns

Dedicated Assistance

Your success is our priority

  • Account Manager: Dedicated to your e-commerce success, providing personalized support and guidance.
  • Onboarding Team: Guiding your store setup for a successful launch.
  • Help Center: Dive into our knowledge base and tutorials, where you can find solutions to common questions.

E-commerce for Every Model

Physical Products

Manage inventory, sell physical goods with variants.

Digital Products

Secure digital delivery mechanisms for instant access post-payment.


Set up and automate subscription plans with flexible billing options.


Cater to wholesale buyers with bulk ordering and tiered pricing.


Support omnichannel sales integration for a seamless shopping experience.


Integrate with suppliers and automate order forwarding.

Whether you're a newcomer or a well-established brand, OllTek facilitates your business's growth

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